Taking caffeinated beverages as a whole, soda is thought to provide the highest threat to your teeth. Many sodas have an unhealthy level of caffeine in them but add in the sugars, and they earn their title of the “smile killer.” Furthermore, the way in  which soda is consumed can also lead to tooth decay. People that like to receive their caffeine by sipping on a Coke all day do not realize the harm that is sitting on their teeth. Trace elements of the beverage will remain on teeth and while humans cannot see the remnants, the sugars left behind will provide a feast for oral bacteria.

Furthermore, caffeine from coffee or tea might not have the added sugars, but it definitely has the ability to damage your smile. The staining power of coffee and tea is remarkable. Overtime, the enamel on your teeth wears down and the coffee or tea that you drink settles into the cracks and ridges. If the proper steps are not taken, those stains can become permanent and cause yellow stains on your teeth.

If you are someone who suffers from stained teeth or decaying teeth due to caffeine, cosmetic dentistry is the best way for you to bring back your brilliant, vibrant smile! If you call us today, we can consult you on teeth whitening or veneers to help you bring back a vibrant, white smile.