If you are seeking cosmetic dentistry treatments to enhance your smile, read the common questions below to learn more about dental veneers.

What are they?

Veneers are a form of cosmetic dentistry in which a casing of tooth-colored porcelain is placed over the exterior of your teeth. Veneers are utilized to correct stained, discolored, gapped, chipped or crooked teeth.

How are they made?

Veneers are typically made in a dental laboratory using a model provided by your dentist.

Is the process reversible? 

No, receiving dental veneers is usually a process that is not reversible. In order for your dentist to place the veneer casing on your teeth, it is necessary that a small amount of your natural enamel is removed first.

What are the benefits? 

Dental veneers aesthetically gratifying, they defend the surface of damaged teeth and may eliminate the need for more extensive dental work, like crowns.

Will dental insurance pay for dental veneer procedure?Just like most cosmetic treatments and procedures, insurance will not cover the costs for dental veneers because the procedure is considered elective. Nevertheless, if you are seeking dental veneers for crooked teeth, insurance could cover alternate treatment options, such as braces done by a orthodontist.