Selecting the right Cosmetic Dentist is the main step in achieving the results you are seeking. Like many things, there are a lot of dentists that can perform cosmetic treatments that you might be searching for. However, do not just settle for the first option you come across. Consider these factors:

Work off of referrals

When you begin the search for a cosmetic dentist, consult your primary dentist and work off of his/her recommendation as a key consideration. Also, your primary dentist will tell you if your mouth (i.e. teeth, gums, and bone structure) is in proper condition for cosmetic work.

Narrow your choices

Investigate and do your homework! Ask yourself these questions:

  1. How long has this dentist been in practice?
  2. Do you like other patients before and after photos?
  3. Are dental technologies up-to-date?

What to expect at an appointment

The first step will be working with the dentist to come up with realistic expectations.

Also, records will be established in order to form a precise cosmetic dental plan.


When you select a cosmetic dentist, you are choosing someone to help change your smile to create a happier, more-confident you! You deserve the best, so do not settle with anyone without doing homework!  This is a personal and important choice. Most cosmetic procedures are not reversible, so take your time, ensure that you feel confident with your choice of dentist, and that you feel comfortable with his/her skills and capabilities.