Looking for a local dentist in Montgomery

If you are looking for a local dentist in Montgomery, The Mathews Dentist is an establishment to consider. Here with us you will find that we believe your dental care can help you live a better life. We are committed to making sure that your oral health is excellent, which reflects through all of our patients beautiful smiles.

Why Choose Us

Our location is private and our team of professionals makes you feel right at home from the time that you call to schedule your appointment. We always have positive attitudes and we are not happy until we have provided you with a smile that maximizes your personal health and appearance, which also boosts your self-esteem. We only use the latest technology and procedures to ensure that every visit is pleasant. We go beyond for our patients and we are sure you will have your expectations exceeded once you have experienced our work.

What to Expect

When you need a local dentist in Montgomery, our team is ready to assist you with a variety of services to ensure that your smile is one that you will proudly show off to the world. We offer the following services:
• Cleaning & Restoration
• Cosmetic
• Restoration

How Our Experience is Different

We understand that many people dread going to the dentists because of drills and needles that have been mentioned in the horror stories from their friends. However, with us we aim to make your experience as pleasant and pain free as possible. We treat all clients like family, we actually are passionate about our work, and we are sure you will be able to tell this from your very first visit.