Nail biting is a bad habit that not only affects your appearance but it also affects your teeth in a negative way. Any of the dentists in Montgomery, AL will try to persuade you to kick the habit to the curb. Today, we are discussing nail biting and its effects on your teeth so you can see why.

Wears down your teeth

If you are always biting your nails, you are causing your enamel to wear and you can even make your teeth uneven. After you eat, your teeth need a break. However, when you bite your nails they are working nonstop, which results in misaligned front teeth.

Jaw Problems

Nail biting can result in temporomandibular disorder, which means you will experience pain in your jaw. Nail biters are also prone to bruxism.
Sanitary Issues

Nail biting is very unsanitary. More than likely, you are not a compulsive hand washer and hands are considered one of the germiest areas of the body, which means your nails are very germy. When you bite your nails, you are putting germs in your mouth, which could cause you to become ill.


Nail biting will cause your dentist bills to skyrocket. You can pay as much as an additional $4000 in dental bills